Ngā pakeke, matua

Enriching lives. Every day. Every way.


Whatever your goals in life - whatever you choose - you should be in control. One-on-one support or group activities, we make sure you get the support you want.  We build a plan around you and your strengths.  We’ve done our job well when you are getting what you want from life.  Best of all, our support is always flexible.


Follow your interests. Develop your skills. Get a job. Live independently. Participate in your community. You choose - we deliver.


> Improve your employability

> Get a great job

> Essential personal and life skill development for young adults with autism

> Be part of Te Ao Māori

> Be part of your community

> Live independently

> Achieve your goals

Improve your Employability (Worx)

Ngā akoako kaimahi



Looking for the opportunity of paid work? ‘Worx' is for people with a disability, mental illness, and those on the Autism Spectrum. You will:


  • Learn what an employer needs and wants from you
  • Build your time management and presentation skills
  • Develop social skills for the workplace
  • Learn to follow instructions and work with a supervisor
  • Get feedback that helps you to improve your work skills


Our supportive team will help you to be a great employee and be part of an effective team. We provide regular assessments to highlight further development needs you may have. While you practice these skills and they become habits, you'll also get paid the minimum wage.


Once ready to be employed our Supported Employment team will support you to get a great job!


Call us now to get ready for work!



Get a great job (Employment)




Get the coaching, support and advice you* need to make yourself attractive to an employer and search for a job. Our Employment Brokers are experienced in disability and autism employment. They begin by understanding you and your work aspirations  Then they assist you to find potential jobs that are right for you. And our help doesn’t end when you start work. You’ll also get post-placement support, including on the job coaching and training, if that is what you need!


(*For people with an intellectual, physical or sensory disability, and those on the Autism Spectrum or for people that have a disability as the result of an injury.)


Connect today with an Employment Broker!

Essential personal and life skill development for young adults with autism (Youth+)

Ngā āwhina rangatahi takiwātanga


Looking for a supportive group for young adults with autism? Youth+ is a specially facilitated group where youth & young adults get to be themselves. Extend your social circles, build friendships, and gain a sense of belonging at Youth+. You’ll enjoy fun activities in the community, discussions and games, while developing essential personal life skills.


Contact us today to find out more about Youth+ in Hamilton and Tauranga during school term time.

Be part of Te Ao Māori (Cultural Ambassador Service)

Ngā mana ārahi


Increase your knowledge and understanding of your hapori (community), whānau (family) and hapū (extended family) with our hands-on training course. Become a role model and mentor for others in Te Ao Māori.


You will have a lead role in delivering pōwhiri for Enrich+ and support our Kaitiaki Mātauranga (Cultural Facilitator) in delivering our bicultural service.


You don’t need to be of Māori descent, just keen to learn about Te Ao Māori me ona tikanga!


Get in touch with us to build your confidence and identity in Te Ao Māori.

Be part of your community (Day Service)

Ratonga hāpori


People with an intellectual, physical or sensory disability are supported to develop skills, connections and the everyday skills needed to have ‘a life like any other’. Build natural supports in the community through volunteering, leisure activities and socialising – whatever takes your fancy!


With flexible supports, you will have choices and be in control of what you are doing. Build your self-esteem and confidence in a one-to-one setting, a group situation or a mix of both. You’ll enjoy activities that suit your strengths.


We’re here for you whether you need some support or have high and complex needs.


Get more information on the wide range of possible activities available and find what’s right for you.

Live independently (Supported Living)

Oranga tautoko



Live your own life, in your own home, with the staff of your choice. Choose a service that is flexible and ensures that you are in control. With Supported Living* we help you find the information you need to make your own decisions. Then we stand by you and support you to live the independent life you choose.


Support may include:

  • researching and finding somewhere to live
  • being aware of safety in your own home and in the community
  • learning household tasks
  • completing your own personal shopping
  • budgeting your money and paying your bills
  • reading and understanding your mail and keeping records
  • travelling independently
  • dealing with agencies such as WINZ or your bank
  •  accessing and using community facilities
  • developing friendships, social opportunities and other supports as needed


(*For people with an intellectual, physical or sensory disability, and those on the Autism Spectrum or for people that have a disability as the result of an injury.)


Talk to us today about what you want for your life.

Achieve Your Goals (Potential+)



One-on-one coaching and mentoring for young adults with an intellectual, physical or sensory disability, and those on the autism spectrum.  Our highly trained facilitators help young adults discover their dreams and turn them into reality. Potential+ ensures you set and work towards achieving your personal goals, within a flexible framework.


Whether it’s:


  •  Studying
  •  Beginning a new hobby
  •  Socialising with friends
  •  Developing behaviour support strategies
  •  Reducing anxiety


Get yourself a great plan that will work for you.


Call today to book an experienced personal mentor or autism specialist.